Are You Truly Seeking God?

Psalm 53:2, "God looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any who understand, who seek God."

I am a simple Christian and the purpose of this web site is to share the gospel of Christ with everyone who is interested. My purpose in life is to save my soul by obeying God and help save as many other souls as I can.

Why Do I Believe God Exists?
Why Do I Believe the Bible?
Why Did I Choose Christianity?
Am I Going to Heaven?
What Is The Gospel of Christ?
At What Point Was I Saved?
Why Was I Baptized?
Why Am I A Member of the Church of Christ?
Why Am I Not A Member Of The Baptist Church?
Is Your Church Approved and Authorized by Christ?
I Do Not Need To Go to Church
Satan's Most Effective Weapon
Why Should I Study the Bible
Many Paths to Heaven
Judgment Day
God's Plan of Salvation
Why I Do Not Drink Alcohol
Why I Do Not Gamble
The Price of Happiness
What Is Sin?
Does Silence Forbid?
Can Jesus Be Fact And The Bible Fable?
The Day-Age Theory
Least Common Denominator
God's Law on Divorce
How Does the Holy Spirit Dwell in Us
The Holy Spirit
I Corithians 13
Infant Baptism
The Lord's Supper
Matthew 24
Everything In Moderation
My Little Child

To everyone reading any article on this web site, please do not take my word for anything I say. Your soul is much too valuable to just rely on what I or anybody says. It is imperative that you open up Godís Word (the Holy Bible) and search the Scriptures daily to see what God has to say to man (Acts 17:11 and II Timothy 2:15). If anyone identifies something that I say that is contradictory to Godís Word (the Holy Bible), please email me and let us reason together (Isaiah 1:18) and determine what the truth really is according to Godís Word (the Holy Bible). Also if anyone has a topic that they would like me to post on the web site, please email me.

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